News 2012
Best male & female in DTK 2012
Bussy Buddy Damian(BOB) &  Bussy Buddy Dizzy Miss Lizzy(BOS)

National show in Hedensted. 17/11 2012. Judge Walter Berghäuser (D)

Cac and BOB Bussy Buddy Damian

Cac and BOS Bussy Buddy Dizzy Miss Lizzy

DKK International Nordic winnershow Herning 4-11-2012

Bussy Buddy Damian NORDJV12

Judge Theo Van Den Horst (NL)

Bussy Buddy Damian NORDJV12
Bussy Buddy Damian(BOB)

DTK National show Haarlev

Judge Wera Hübenthal (Norge) 22/04-2012

BOB Whitepeppers Sarah Rose.

Whitepepper's Sarah Rose(BOB)

DTK national show Hedensted.

Judge Rui Oliveira Portugal 12/02-2012

Bussy Buddy’s Co Co Chanel “Co Co” CAC.

Whitepepper’s Sarah Rose “ Shaymin” CLUB CAC & BOB.

Whitepepper's Sarah Rose(BOB)

National dog show Aars/Hobro 13-14/10-2012

Bussy Buddy Damian " Paddy" Cac and BOB.

Judge Pia Lundberg (S)

Bussy Buddy Damian " Paddy" Excellent.

Judge Anna Brankovic ( RS)

Whitepeppers Sarah Rose(BOB)

DTK National show Haarlev

Judge Tina Deipenbrock (DE) 21/04-2012

BOB Whitepepper's Sarah Rose

Whitepepper’s Sarah Rose(BOB)

DKK International show Fredericia.

Judge Lillian Lleton DK. 11/02-2012

Whitepepper's Sarah Rose " Shaymin" CACIB & BOB.